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ez-Distributor VD12
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Simple Distribution

LUMANTEK's ez-Distributor VD12 is a 16 channels distributor in 1RU size. It has one HDMI and one SDI input, and 4 HDMI outputs and 12 SDI outputs. You can embed external audio and de-embed incoming video audio. With the LCD screen, it is very easy to monitor what is being played through the distributor.

Multiple SDI and HDMI ports

You have plenty of distribution ports with VD12. From 1 x SDI or 1 x HDMI, you can produce 12 x SDI and 4 x HDMI signals!

Audio Embed & De-embed

If you wish to add an external audio to the video which is being distributed, don't worry. ez-Distributor VD12, has a pair of XLR port for you to input a different audio. You can also take the sound out of the video.

LDC Monitoring and Audio Level

It is easy to check what is being played on the LCD screen. You can also check the audio bar on the screen to find out if the sound is played.
ez-Distributor [VD12]

Input Ports

1 x SDI
1 x HDMI

1 pair x XLR External Audio
ez-Distributor [VD12]

Output Ports

12 x SDI
4 x HDMI

1 pair x XLR De-embedded Audio

Control over Distribution

Distributor's main function is to send out the incoming video to multiple channels. LUMANTEK's ez-Distributor VD12 can do just that. The LCD screen and the audio bar are extra features to facilitate monitoring of the video in 1 RU.