ez-Pro VS6
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The Basic Switcher

When you need a basic but "does its job" switcher, then it is ez-Pro VS6 what you have been looking for. With 6 input channels and 2 program outs with 2 AUX outs, ez-Pro VS6 will provide what you need. It can add CG into your production through Fill & Key. Gain more control with ez-Pro VS6 black console.

Black Console

ez-Pro VS6 comes with a black console connected with Ethernet cable. The console gives you full control over the video selection and AUX channels as well. The console also gives the control over Fill & Key CG from LUMANTEK's dedicated CG software, "ez-CGER".

Frame Synchronization

All inputs of ez-Pro VS6 are synchronized for better broadcasting.

Fill & Key Support

If you need to use CG over your graphics with Fill & Key, ez-Pro VS6 got your back. Use the rear ports (2 x SDI) to insert your graphics and send the video out with your creations.
ez-Pro VS6

Input Ports

6 x SDI
2 x SDI (Fill & Key, 1 SDI port from video used as Fill)
1 pair x XLR
ez-Pro VS6

Output Ports

2 x SDI (Program)
1 x SDI (Clean)
2 x SDI (AUX 1 & 2)
1 x HDMI (Multiview)

Switcher with Key & Fill

Basic switcher with the capability of computer graphics insertion. That's what ez-Pro VS6 is. Along with its black console, ez-Pro VS6 is a perfect switcher to work as it is or as a CG incorporated switcher. Check out our "ez-CGER mini" to see if you need CG into your ez-Pro VS6.