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Sep. 27, 2017


ez-CGER VM4 HD Live CG & Switcher

File Info.

Application   ezCGER_2.5.55.803(Alpha) (Alpha)
- Fixed an issue that memory access violation error occurs when program close at Player Mode.
- Fixed a memory access error when rendering an empty text object.
- Minor improvements and bug fixes. (Alpha)
- Text extension property added.
- Minor improvements and bug fixes. (Alpha)
- Minor improvements and bug fixes. (Alpha)
- Minor improvements and bug fixes. (Alpha)
- UB4 F/W ver 1.0.12 included. (Alpha)
- UB4 F/W ver 1.0.10 included. (Alpha)
- Improved stability of system resolution changes.
- UB4 F/W ver 1.0.9 included.
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