RF CAPTURE & PLAYBACK SYSTEM Covering frequency from
100KHz to 2.7GHz, Max. 56MHz Real time Bandwidth recording
capture and playback

The RF Down-converter can receive 0.1MHz - 2.7GHz RF signal and downconverts to 75MHz IF. Capture worldwide Broadcasting standards of DTV (FM, AM, ATSC, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2/S2, DVB-C, DMB, CMMB, DTMB, ISDB-T/B, OpenCable, and ATSC-M/H), Radio Broadcasting ATV (NTSC, PAL), RDS, TMC, LTE, Wifi. Weiver is equipped with a GPS module for accurate locative information to evaluate the strength of the RF signal. The GPS information is stored in the NMEA protocol and the GPRMC information is stored in a second log file. An active Antenna GPS is used. Weiver via input port enables the incoming reference signal to be synchronized at 10MHz frequency.
AM radio to Satellite Broadcasting, and GPS
100 KHz to 2.7 GHz, Max 56 MHz Real time Bandwidth recording capture and playback
Adjustable Bandwidth by 1 Hz step
An unique, Lumantek's patented technology embedded testing equipment with freely adjustable Bandwidth capability by 1 Hz step.
3D spectrum Mask
The world's first 3D Spectrum Analyzer, user may observe long tail sequence of a spectrum at any angles via mouse.
7KG Weight Portable
70W Low Power Consumption
WEIVER 2.0 is designed for lightness and portability, operable
with vehicle cigar power without complex electrical add-ons.
Fit into Diversity Test - 4CH Diversity test
Up to 4 WEIVER devices can be Synchronized by an external H/W switch, the 'WEIVER Syncer'. Synchronized WEIVER devices perform a simultaneous RF Capture and Playback delays in nanoseconds.
Signal Tracer with Google Map
The 'Signal Tracer' based on API of the Google map traces information on RF recorded area, RF power for each location, and vehicle speed.
RF Black-Box
User may able to define a RF event parameter, record and playback before and after the
occurrence of such event at a certain time frame, including the full sequence
Bias-Tee Option
Bias-Tee is a T-shaped component attached to the signal cable to supply power to the antennas.
Amplifier (LNA, TR, FET and etc) circuits are configured in close proximity to the antennas to improve receive sensitivity, and a separate DC power supply (DC) is required to activate these active elements.
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