30 MHz to
2.5 GHz
Supports all common Terrestrial Broadcasting Signal to Satellite Signals.

ASTC / ATSC-Mobile / Open-Cable / DAB, DMB / CMMB / DVB-H DVB-C / DVB-T2 / DVB-T / ISDB-T / DTMB

Close to Real Broadcasting environment
with DAB, DVB-T2, ATSC-MH and CMMB
Inside the DAB, DVB-T2, ATSC-M/H, and CMMB coder embedded in VENTUS 2.0, has a multiplexer design for testing purposes to maximize the utilization of user's testing range. This feature not only allow users to utilize real sources (TS, TRP, MFS, ETI, PLP, IP) from the field via VENTUS 2.0 but facilitate the re-use of real-sources by re-configuring them as an actual broadcasting environment
Small but strong
VENTUS 2.0 gives you an exceptional mobility with its compact design, generating outstanding Signal Quality that you only could have experienced in high-end equipments despite of its size. Ventus 2.0 is not just an entry level signal generator, but a High-End signal generator for RF Tuner tests.
Amazing RF Quality, MER 44dB
VENTUS 2.0 utilizes Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXO, generating astonishing MER 44dB RF quality in DVB-T2. Compare to the High-end grade signal generators, the VENTUS 2.0 provides you competitiveness in channel frequency response, channel impulse response, Phase/noise, Spurious categories in quality and pricewise.
Full FPGA Base
Modulation of VENTUS 2.0 is FPGA based full H/W modulation, not a S/W modulation.
Get License Instantly
Every modulation coder is provided by a simple upgrade of S/W licenses. No factory return necessary for the upgrades.
Fanless shield box structural design inside the VENTUS 2.0 provides the maximum RF performance and efficient system cooling without noise generation.
Temperature Control
RF performance is significantly affected by the heat. Self-temperature monitoring and control system maintains the optimum operating temperature at all times.


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