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Lumantek designs, develops and markets complex electronic test & measurement instruments, broadcast transmission and digital media convergence systems geared toward the specialized needs of Digital & Mobile TV, IPTV, Radio; along with Terrestrial and Satellite Broadcasting.
What sets us apart from others is we design our own modulations to ensure superior quality and maximizing value while minimizing unnecessary cost. Further, we have a bold presence in the end-to-end value chain of broadcast and production.
Lumantek is a trusted partner of service providers, enterprises, strategic industries such as automotive, broadcasting, hospitality, manufacturing, providing solutions encompasses the SD/HD content value chain from creation/edit to digital asset management to RF transmission and delivery.
Lumantek was founded on July 2006, when Bando Electronic Communication spun-off its digital broadcast unit.
Why Lumantek?
Our Approach
Technology without context of the user or their needs is meaningless. We, at Lumantek, strive to come up with the next big thing whilst focusing our proprietary technology in giving you the confidence, ease and leverage to perform mission critical tasks at your pinnacle.
With users in mind, Lumantek products offer attractive points:
     Portable and convenient mobility
     - Take the stress out of remote field testing and focus on work
     High performance
     - Robust FPGA-based firmware-defined architecture
     - State-of-the-art analog-based RF transmitter performance
     - Embedded SDR modulations allow for fast and simple upgrades without costly downtime due to unnecessary
     trips to the factory

     Intuitive user interface and controls
     Ready to go out of the box (with zero or minimal hardware assembly)
Our DNA has been influenced by a strong combination of analog RF technology and digital broadcasting, and finally topped with distinctive, functional design.
As a modulation designer, our underlying R&D assets include all major modulations for digital TV broadcasting (including cable, terrestrial, satellite, IPTV and mobile).


ATSC-M/H (Mobile DTV)




DVB-C (Annex A/C)


DVB-T/H & T2

ISDB-T/B (Full-Seg/1-Seg)

OpenCable (Annex B)

Common themes
- Wireless mobile digital Audio/Video broadcasting
- Digital waveform synthesis
- Digital Signal Processing design applicable to COFDM technology
- Robust FPGA-based firmware-defined architecture
- High-performance RF transmitter design
Business Areas
Test & Measurement for Mobile and Digital TV
We design, develop and market complex electronic Test & Measurement (T&M) instruments geared toward the specialized needs of digital and mobile TV & radio along with terrestrial and satellite broadcasting.
Lumantek’s core competency is in our R&D. We are outstanding in comparison to the competition with our proprietary technology base including software and hardware, RF technology base and full range of modulations1 for digital and mobile TV and radio. Our superior technology base provides users with the confidence and leverage to reach the pinnacle of user experience2 and unmatched RF performance.
Why compromise between features, reliability and price, when you can have them all.

(1) ATSC (8-VSB), ATSC-M/H (Mobile DTV), CMMB, DAB/DAB+/T-DMB, DTMB, DVB-C (Annex A/C), DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ISDB-T/B (Full-Seg/1-Seg) and Open-Cable (Annex B)

(2) Ease of use, embedded SDR modulations allow for fast and simple upgrades; ready to go out of the box (zero or minimal hardware assembly)

Broadcasting & Digital Media
What once was inaccessible due to its high-cost prohibitive nature afforded by a restricted few, Lumantek is redefining the market and its user base by offering a distinguished range of end-to-end broadcast transmission and digital media convergence systems. Our user-friendly broadcasting solutions are designed to optimize productivity and business efficiency. What sets us apart from others is our presence in the broadcast value chain from format conversion, HD content encoding and delivery, and digital and mobile TV transmission.
With fast-paced technological advances and further magnified by disruptive upgrades, the very technology and tools used by the professional market are now within comfortable reach to a larger group of users including academia, research & development, manufacturers and a broad prosumer/enthusiast market. For those professional or prosumer users, alike; we set out to offer viable solutions that are highly-reliable, robust and attractive TCO (total cost of ownership).
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